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AXIS vol.221 Regenerative Architecture

AXIS vol.221 Regenerative Architecture

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【Publication date】2022.12.28


The expression “regenerative” is often used in various fields these days.

This expression, which may be interpreted as “enabling natural systems such as our environment (the sources of energy and materials), implies not simply maintaining the current status, but regenerating the environment to a better state by actively improving many physical systems.

The environmental issues that are becoming more dire can no longer be overcome through ideas on sustainability alone.

A more aggressive design stance than simply contributing to “regenerating and recovering” the environment is necessary by moving further in the sustainable direction of “being gentle and reducing the load” on the environment.

In order to advance in that direction, it is necessary to approach “making things” from more inclusive long-term perspectives such as “for the (social) environment and diverse living things” rather than the conventional mechanism and methodology of “for human beings.”

The featured articles in this issue explore new relationships between architecture and natural systems through possibilities of such regenerative architecture.

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