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AXIS vol.223 KYOTO

AXIS vol.223 KYOTO

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【Publication date】2023.05.01


Creativity is not born without a cultural foundation.Kyoto, where various cultures have developed through a 1,200-year history, has constantly attracted creative human resources and supported new industrial and general activities as the center of Japanese culture.

Its mutual aid system called the dannashu culture (“gentlemen’s culture”) for example, has been attracting attention as a start-up support in which elder business managers lend a hand to young entrepreneurs.tolerance for diverse cultures and values that forms an environment where people can inspire each other cannot be overlooked as an appeal Kyoto has fostered.

The artisanship culture has facilitated the development of refined skills and sensibilities that does not tolerate imitations, and has brought a unique cultural climate and vitality to this city.

With this cultural foundation as background, we examine a creativity unique to Kyoto that brings vigor to the city through “Kyoto’s charm that draws in people and things” as well as “the new designs and endeavors born of it.”

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