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AXIS vol.229

AXIS vol.229

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【Publication date】2024.07.01



In the upcoming July 1st issue of AXIS magazine, we will be conducting a major editorial overhaul.

We will be reviving the cover interview series with designers, which ran continuously from Etore Sottsass (Issue 70,1997) to Gen Terao (Issue 186, 2017). The featured designer for this renewal in July 1st will be Haruka Misawa.

In Feature 1 “A Map for the Future of Design and 30 Keywords" ,we asked nine leaders in the design field to provide key words for the future of design:

Takuya Tagawa 

Kazufumi Nagai

Kenya Hara

Naoto Fukasawa 

Shunji Yamanaka 

Satoshi Yoshiizumi 

Ikko Yokoyama 

Jasper Morrison 

Julia Cassim

 (In Japanese phonetic order)


In Feature 2, we comprehensively reviewed the 70-year history of Italian design. Having produced numerous outstanding designers and architects now referred to as "masters," where is Italian design heading? We will delve into Italy's perspective, from its postwar heyday to developments as recent as 2020s.

 Starting from this issue, while classic series like “Leaders ” “Sci-Tech File” “Creators Navi” remain, several new series will debut as well:

"Ambience" - Photography by Mikiya Takimoto 

"DESIGN FOR DECISION-MAKING” - Written by Toshiyuki Ishikawa (KESIKI) 

"Global Creators Labs” - Written by Kyoko Nakajima

 "Eyes on K-design" - Written by Yoo Seoung-joo 

 "African Practitioners" - Written by Maki Nakata 

 "From a Single Piece" - Written by Sakura Nomiyama

"Viewpoint Monologue" - Written by Naoki Ono 

“Timeless Ingenuity - Written by Chihiro Minato

 "To perceive the actuality” - Written by Haruka Misawa 

" Exercises in Poetic Engineering " - Written by Shohei Takei (nomena)

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