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AXIS Vol.224 The New Space Age

AXIS Vol.224 The New Space Age

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【Publication date】2023.06.30


Over half a century has passed since humankind first landed on the moon.

Space has become now inseparable to our daily lives.

The rapid progress in technology, moreover, has led us to envision space as a possible domain for living, and the major players in the business of space are shifting from a handful of superpowers to private enterprises.

On the other hand, the universe possesses a mysterious appeal that cannot be described solely by utilitarian factors.

The reason space-related projects, which at times even appear reckless, are planned and executed owes solely to the inexhaustible romance human beings pursue.

Space is still an object of adoration.

How will design be involved in this ambivalent and exciting world of outer space? Moreover, how will space-related design fuse with technologies and business to transform daily living? We examine these aspects in depth in this issue's feature.

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