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AXIS vol.225 Diverse philosophies of next-generation designers

AXIS vol.225 Diverse philosophies of next-generation designers

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【Publication date】2023.09.01


Now that the lengthy pandemic has finally ended and people are free and able to be active without limitations, AXIS is planning a special feature on Japanese designers.

Although their fields and work styles vary, we will introduce young designers (11 individuals and 3 groups) who will lead the future design world.

As the definition of "design" is ever expanding, the roles of designers are also changing rapidly in response to such developments.

The tasks they are required to perform are becoming more and more complex, such as the design not only of objects but also the services surrounding them, as well as coming up with ideas for vitalizing the entire area around architecture, and giving consideration to the global environment and social issues.

Perhaps affected by the trends of this age, the philosophies of next-generation designers are diverse, flexible, and above all appealing.

In this issue, we shed light on the new horizon of Japanese design through the creativity of each and every designer.

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