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a+u 2023:09 Feature: ≤ 50㎡

a+u 2023:09 Feature: ≤ 50㎡

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【Publication date】2023.08



a+u’s September issue features buildings 50 m2 or less in area. After World War II, Japan faced a shortage of housing and building materials, leading to the enforcement of the Temporary Building Restriction Regulations, which prohibited, in principle, the construction, extension, and renovation of houses, shops, and offices with a floor area greater than 50 m2 . It was not until 1950 that these regulations were lifted, and in the postwar period, architects such as Kiyoshi Ikebe and Makoto Masuzawa designed minimal dwellings. As in the days of Ikebe and Masuzawa, buildings of today require striking a balance between optimizing space and ensuring comfort. This issue highlights 26 permanent, freestanding structures that range from 50 m2 to as small as 1 m2 , including a traditional minimal dwelling, an open library for refugees and migrants comprising 2 bookcases, and a prototype that interrogates speculative real estate. From minimal dwellings with all the necessary functions to single-function walls and floors, this is a presentation of architectural experiments within 50 square meters. (a+u)

Nulla Vale House and Shed
MRTN Architects

Casa Chica
AGB Arquitectos

Ing-Suk House
Yangnar Studio

Garden Library for Refugees and Migrant Workers
Yoav Meiri Architects

The Light Trap
Sher Maker

Unlimited Jakub Cigler Architekti

The House of a Novelist
100A associates

Garden House
Caspar Schols

Floating Bamboo House
H&P Architects

Miaki Atelier
Tamotsu Teshima Architect and Associates

The Brook

Outbuilding with Deep Garden
Baracco + Wright Architects

Sacromonte Chapel
MAPA Arquitetos

The Line

Outside House
FLOAT Architectural Research and Design

Lykta Fireplace
Workshop NTNU, Sami Rintala, Pasi Aalto

Superpower Wall Revitalization of Husu˚v Park
SKULL studio

BIO Architects

Base Cabin
Studio Edwards

13 m2 House

The Hermitage

Chapel of Tears
Atelier Poem

IWI Cabin
Juan Ruiz, Amelia Tapia

Renzo Piano Building Workshop

One Square Meter House
Didier Fiúza Faustino

BACH / Jaume Bach, Anna & Eugeni Bach

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