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POPEYE 2024.01

POPEYE 2024.01

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【Publisher】Magazine House(マガジンハウス)


【Publication date】2023.12.08


The annual year-end Girlfriends feature is back again this year!

This 10th issue focuses on date courses in Tokyo.

Cross Setagaya Ward, visit galleries in East Tokyo, walk around the Tokyo Tower area, which many people have surprisingly never been to, and take a helicopter or tuk-tuk ride!

There is also a special feature on delicious sweets, perfect for the sweet mood of the year-end and New Year's holidays.

Mio Imada appears on the cover!

Come on, you'll be busy with dates this winter!

■Let's have a great date this winter.
■Winter Tokyo Dating Guide.
・Setagaya:24H date across Setagaya-ku.
・Kuramae:A drunken date with alcohol and art.
・Yoyogi Park:One round-the-bicycle date.
・Omori:Romantic sea town date.
■You'd be surprised how much you've never visited. Want to go on a date at a tourist attraction?
■I've never been on a date like this!
■Sunday Morning / Mio Imada
■Thinking 'bout gifts for her
・PART1:Eat-in cake
・PART2:Association of Friends of Sweet Food Daisuki
・PART3:Various tiny cakes for Christmas this year
■Lyric of love, written by a rapper.
■How did their love begin? White Paper on Couples Love Around the World.

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