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凛凛堂 RingRingDo

POPEYE 2024.05

POPEYE 2024.05

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【Publisher】Magazine House(マガジンハウス)

【JAN】 4910180290541

【Publication date】2024.04.09


Do you know Akio Hasegawa?
He's not an actor. A stylist and fashion director who has been involved with POPEYE magazine for many years and has recently been working outside the company.

This issue is mainly created by “Hase-kun” who has returned after a long absence.
The main page mainly introduces the clothes he is currently interested in, how to wear them, and restaurants in Tokyo.

He also asked people he trusted to come together and write columns. This is probably a very biased Tokyo story.

But what does it mean to live in a city, and what kind of person is a city boy?
I would be happy if you could read something like that from this book. (Editor-in-chief)

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