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anan No.2386 2024.02.28

anan No.2386 2024.02.28

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【Publisher】Magazine House(マガジンハウス)

【ISBN】 4910204840240

【Publication date】2024.02.21


Announced! Spring 2024 anan "MOTE Cosme" Grand Prix

[News Category]
Check out the hot words! What are the new releases we need to keep an eye on?

[Trend Category]
2024 Seasonal Spring Makeup Worn by Noteworthy People
Seina Nakata
Gouki Maeda / Honoka Takeuchi
Kyoya Honda
Rina Yamamoto
Noserin / Haruna Ogawa(SPIKE)
Takashi & Syuya(Choutokkyu)

[Skincare Category]
UV protection and keratin care are important. The goal is to achieve translucent, firm and radiant skin.

[Base Makeup Category]
Momoko Tanabe tries! Base makeup items for trendy skin.

[Standard category]
Clear away winter damage! The "rebuilding cosmetics" that you should always have on hand.

Sousuke Genda & Misa Eto's recommendation of Happy Shared Beauty.

Reiwa-roman, Jun Hanaue, the latest beauty spots...
A comprehensive survey of the beauty techniques and seasonal beauty topics of the popular people!

Special Session
Kazuya Kamenashi & Ryota Miyadate
KAMEDATE no Ran - Large flowers in full bloom -

Nogizaka46 5th term
For that moment when we will one day make our flowers bloom -.

[Hair Care Category]
A new common sense for beautiful hair! Healthy hair created by home care.

Reia Nakamura
The aesthetics of mastering.

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