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anan No.2383 Special Edition 2024.02.07

anan No.2383 Special Edition 2024.02.07

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【Publisher】Magazine House(マガジンハウス)

【ISBN】 4910204860248

【Publication date】2024.01.31


*"anan No.2383" and "anan No.2383 Special Edition (extra issue)" are only the cover is different and all contents are identical.

SPECIAL COVER :Megumi Fushiguro

Hokuto Matsumura
Mone Kamishiraishi
The light and shade of the two.

A time when character is important. How to find the "individuality" that makes the most of you.

Self-Image and Social Interaction Habits. Tips on how to make the most of your personality, as revealed by two psychological tests.

Featured Actor x Photographer - A Person of Distinctive Personality
Keito Tsuna x Yuji Watanabe
Jun Saito x Mirei Kuno
Hiroki Sasamori x Rintaro Kanemoto

Asako Yuzuki, Natsumi Takenaka, and YUKKYUN gathered.
A roundtable discussion on the theme "What is individuality?" by "Y2K Shinsho"

A wide range of topics from academics, culture, and society!
VTubers conveying what they "want you to know".
Raden Juufuutei / Kodoku Morino / Clear Usui

Nailed it with posts that have nothing but personality...?
A little useful and specialized postings that you can't help but look at.
The world of the characterful distributors.

Six extremely cute couples were photographed.
A selection of beloved characters full of personality.
Kiwi Brothers / Shinoby / MYAKU-MYAKU / Prince Turn / PACCHO / DB.Starman

Where is this ever-accelerating story headed?
"Jujutsu Kaisen-Shibuya Incident" completed.

Each man's "feelings" become his strongest weapon.
Resist fate and take the future into their own hands.
"Kimi to sekai ga owaru hi ni FINAL the Movie"
Ryoma Takeuchi x Fumiya Takahashi x Rihito Itagaki

Kairu Tamura
The prince is in rebellious period.

Seiya Suezawa x Masaya Sano
Aぇ! mode The dear two have each other's backs

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