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anan No.2385 Special Edition 2024.02.21

anan No.2385 Special Edition 2024.02.21

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【Publisher】Magazine House(マガジンハウス)

【ISBN】 4910204880246

【Publication date】2024.02.14


Special Cover: Kasumi Arimura

*The anan2385 and anan2385 Special Edition (extra issue) are only the cover is different, and all contents are identical.

Daisuke Sakuma(Snow Man)
Shades of Love

Heart flutters, grows fonder...
What does it mean to "fall in love"?
Feeling of missing

What do you think about love?
A philosophical dialogue to unravel its significance.

Portrait of Two People Who Think (1)
Fumi Nikaido and Chae Jong-hyeop
A time of mutual love that transcends words.

Sensuality Short Story (1)
Miwa Sakuraki

Portrait of Two People Who Think (2)
Daiken Okudaira x Ouji Suzuka
The moment of writing down thoughts and feelings in a play as they live their roles.

Five members of "LOVE CATCHER Japan" gathered!
Which is more important, love or money?
The true feelings of "love motivation" in today's society.

Savor the feeling of falling in love through reading.
A book review of "Sadness".

Kasumi Arimura
Thinking, soliciting, overflowing

Light, color, humidity... The aesthetics of sensuality fascinate you, the world of Asian films and dramas.

A look at love a thousand years ago....
A study of Heian women in waka poems about love.

Sensuality Short Story (2)
Suzumi Suzuki

Yuto Nasu
Thought, Utakata

Rikuto Ura x Rion Ouchi
draw a dream! ~dream a dream~!

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