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anan No.2382 Special Edition 2024.01.31

anan No.2382 Special Edition 2024.01.31

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【Publisher】Magazine House(マガジンハウス)


【Publication date】2024.01.24


*The cover and special supplement are different between "anan No.2382", "anan No.2382 extra edition", "anan No.2382 Special Edition SWEET side" and "anan No.2382 Special Edition BITTER side". All other contents are identical.

SPECIAL COVER:Maito Minami / Yuria Seo

Sweet, beautiful, and evolving. Chocolate LOVE 2024

IT Chocolate COLLECTION2024

Serialized Novels Chocolate Piece Special Subsequent Edition
Essay: Two Chocolates

New openings and first landings continue.
Latest Chocolate Trends 7

For your loved ones and for yourself.
12 supreme hotel-made chocolates.

Evolution never stops!
The latest chocolates made by up-and-coming patissiers.

A special experience that can only be had at an eat-in!
"Live chocolate" that will impress you.

Chocolate that day, that time.
Me and chocolate, a bittersweet story.

Wishing You Sweet Moments.

New products are coming this year for a familiar good friend!
Daily & a little luxury chocolate news.

Maito Minami / Yuria Seo
Sometimes you have to give up your shoulders.

He who is SWEET.

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