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凛凛堂 RingRingDo

【バン・イェダムトレーディングカード付】IYU(アイユー)vol.03 【Includes Trading card of "Bang Ye Dam"】IYU vol.03

【バン・イェダムトレーディングカード付】IYU(アイユー)vol.03 【Includes Trading card of "Bang Ye Dam"】IYU vol.03

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【Publisher】One Publishing(ワン・パブリッシング)


【Publication date】2024.02.21


*Bang Ye Dam trading card (1 of 3 types) enclosed at random.
*Each card will have a different signature and message on the back.

This is the third volume of a gravure mook on the theme of "IYU = Why I Love You".

Freshly shot interviews with actors, idols, and K-POP artists with local interviews in Korea. The front cover is by &TEAM and the back cover is by DXTEEN!

【Cover and front cover feature】

【Special feature at the end of this issue】

Bang Ye Dam
8TURN (undercover at office)
Takato Ookura / Kosaku Koizumi / Ryouta Nagano / Kazuto Mokudai / Kaname Yoshizawa(Genin ha Jibun ni Aru.)
Sho Nishigaki / Shoot Mori

【Filmed live report】
(Sneaking in NINE.i FAN-CON IN JAPAN NEW THE STAGE rehearsal & live in Jan.14, 2024)

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