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秋赤音画集 余波 Aki Akane Gashu Nagori

秋赤音画集 余波 Aki Akane Gashu Nagori

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【Publisher】Genko sha(玄光社)


【Publication date】2020.01


Aki Akane's 3rd art book has been long-awaited by fans.Once you see it, the waves of rich colors will hit your brain.

Aki Akane, an illustrator who uses unique vivid colors like magic, captivates the hearts of viewers with her strange yet bewitching motifs and well-thought compositions.
A coveted book for fans who can immerse themselves in Aki Akane's world view, containing 115 paintings including newly drawn works.

[About the Author]
Aki Akane
In addition to producing videos and designing costumes, she is also active as a singer.
She has exhibited at "Art Fair Tokyo" and "Nippon Daaisuki Ten" and is active both domestically and internationally.

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