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北斎漫画BOX 全3巻セット Hokusai Manga (three-volume boxed set)

北斎漫画BOX 全3巻セット Hokusai Manga (three-volume boxed set)

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【Publisher】Seigensha Art Publishing(青幻舎)


【Publication date】


Author(s):Katsushika Hokusai

Language(s):In Japanese

For manga enthusiasts, a feast for the eyes!

An enduring bestseller since its first publication some 200 years ago in the early nineteenth century, the Hokusai Manga collection of sketches by the ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai bursts with lively caricatures and richly narrative images that had a huge impact on succeeding generations in Japan, the land of manga. This compact but complete three-volume set brings together the more than 4,000 line drawings contained in the original fifteen volumes, reorganized by theme. Here, in concentrated form, is the entire scope of the genius of Hokusai.

Commentary by Seiji Nagata (Ota Memorial Museum of Art)

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