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いろは判じ絵 —江戸のエスプリ・なぞなぞ絵解き Iroha Hanji-e: Pictorial Puzzles of Edo

いろは判じ絵 —江戸のエスプリ・なぞなぞ絵解き Iroha Hanji-e: Pictorial Puzzles of Edo

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【Publisher】Seigensha Art Publishing(青幻舎)


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Author(s):Hitoshi Iwasaki


Hanji-e, pictorial puzzles, were a popular brain-teasing amusement among the common people during Japan’s Edo period (1603-1867). Presented in traditional Iroha order, this volume contains 500 examples of these curious and challenging puzzles.

Elaborately conceived works in their own right, these hanji-e were created by ukiyoe artists using diverse patterns and designs. An entertaining look at the sophisticated customs and humorous sensibilities of the common people of Edo Japan.

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