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近代図案帖 寺田哲朗コレクションに見る、機械捺染の世界 Modern Kyoto Patterns

近代図案帖 寺田哲朗コレクションに見る、機械捺染の世界 Modern Kyoto Patterns

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【Publisher】Seigensha Art Publishing(青幻舎)


【Publication date】2020.04.30


Author(s):Seiji Namiki,Fumi Ueda,Mihoko Aoki

Language(s):In Japanese and English

Import and development of machine printing has made mass production possible in the world of dyeing.
Particularly in Kyoto, the period up to the 1970s was central to the continuing creation and production of a broad spectrum of new designs that incorporated traditional, pop, and many other kinds of motifs.
This book presents approximately 240 designs selected from among a huge number of designs in the collection left by Tetsuro Terada, who was active as a designer.
The designs are a beautiful visual record of how design has changed with the times.

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